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Awuraba Home Help Centre

  • Where do you ship to?
    Although we are UK based, we ship worldwide!
  • Are your candles CLP compliant?
    Yes, Awuraba is CLP compliant and insured. All our candles and wax melts are CLP compliant and come with a CLP label attached either to the candle itself, or in cases where the candle is too small or the shape of the candle doesn’t allow for a sticker to be attached, the CLP label will be stuck to the candles packaging.
  • How do I look after my candles and wax melts?
    All Candles and Wax melts come with a Care Card detailing the best way to look after your new candles or melts. You can also visit our Candle Care Page for information on how to look after you candles.
  • What is that white stuff on my candle?
    Though we try my best to make the candles to perfection, one snag with Soy Wax is that it can sometimes crystallise which causes the white marks on your candle. It just shows that your candle has been made with a natural wax. It has no affect on the performance of the candle itself.
  • Do you take large orders?
    We are happy to sell candles and homeware items in bulk. As all candles, melts and concrete homeware are handmade, shipping time will vary depending on item type and quantity. You'll be given an estimated dispatch time when you make your enquiry. Check out our Wholesale page to find out how to get in touch and order large quantities .
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